Have you ever read something that came from someone with a long list of credentials and think “duh?” It’s understandable. Social sciences focus on human beings and their tendencies. I’ve been a human being for over 26 years, and within that period, I’ve interacted with a lot of other humans beings. I might not be an expert, but I’m not any form of novice either. That statement can be spoken by almost anyone and everyone who has ever looked at those around them with any kind of intellectual observation.

Which leads me to my conclusion that social sciences like to state common sense in such a matter of fact way as to allow the readers to witness some kind of eureka event. The epiphany is an illusion. Not because the message doesn’t have some validity, but because it is common sense wrapped up in a fanciful selection of words. So the next time you read a passage from a person of implied importance within a field, take a hard look at the message and decide if you knew that before he said it. Maybe you knew it, but never thought about it before in that manner. I guess that holds some value.

Perhaps I’m just in a cynical mood, but those are my thoughts for the day. I hold the right to admit that I’m wrong and change my opinion. But, first I need a reason to believe that I’m wrong.