Just read a couple of articles pointing in a common direction. Consumers have gained a level of power in the retail world.  First, Rachel Demerling wrote “Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That” where she talked about the consumer’s desire for customization.  That people wanted to be an individual within a group conforming around an idea or product.  Odd how that work, yet it does. Secondly, Andy Hobsbwan discussed the need for action by the brands in his “Brands 2.0 – brands in a digital world.” Accepting the fast paced movement of the consumers is the first step.  Understanding that consumers are now controlling where they go and what they look at is the next. Now how do the brands find ways to get those consumers to look at them and keep looking at them day in a day out?  Interactivity is a great pull.

Both articles expressed the power of the consumer.  The consumer has so many options, that the brands need to pull out all the tricks to gain their attention and hold their attention.  Often it is understanding the need for two way communication.  It is no longer about broadcasting the brand’s ideas to an awaiting public, but rather establishing a dialogue for the brand and the consumers as well as establishing a safe forum for the consumers to discuss among themselves. There is a new found respect for consumer and the competition between brands is becoming more drastic as the world’s options become easier to access.