How many ways can you say the same thing to a person?  At first it might come across as informative and interesting so the person listens. After a while it becomes stale and no longer has any immediate relevance and then the person starts ignoring it.  But then there’s a point where the message is now bordering on abusive and then that person because annoyed if not enraged.

We have to understand that a message isn’t guaranteed to hit everyone the first time it’s put out into the world, thus it gets replayed on the same medium and often broadcasted through multiple mediums.  But if you’re an active member of society, at which point should those advertisers realize you’ve heard the message?  Ken Martin and Ivan Todorov put together a nice model of the “Day in the Life Continuum” within their article “How will digital platforms be harness in 2010, and how will they change the way people interact with brands?”  Once you get past the title, the rest of the article is fairly short, but the one figure explains everything you need to know.  People are constantly connected with the media.  Smart phones bring the internet to your hip 24 hours a day. Digital billboards are now able to portray not only one image, but multiple up to date messages.  I drive by two billboards that tell me exactly how long the average wait time at the local emergency room is.  That rarely has any value on me, but it is always interesting to note the days and times when that minute count spikes.  Either way, I notice and I’m sure others notice too.  And while you’re seeing those billboards, you’re sitting in the car listening to the radio.  Then you go home and jump on the computer and have the television on in the background and you’re engaging with everything that can sell you something.  If you only interacted with each once during the day I would be impressed, but I’d be impressed if you only checked your Facebook once per day.

Now imagine if the same message was played on all of those formats.  You wake up and check the morning news and see that commercial.  You check your favorite website and you see that same message.  You get a new message or email on your smart phone.  The digital billboard lights up in bright letters repeating the same damn thing and the radio won’t even give you five minutes to forget about it.  At what point will that message go from hopefully interesting to downright painful?  People are forced to deal with producers screaming and begging all day, everyday.  As the future continues, society is becoming more and more connected.  Not just connected in terms of the amount of people, but also through the amount of time.  It’s a revolution to turn off your phone for a day.  I’m begging the advertisers of the world, don’t make me crazier than I already am.